Social Media Contributes to Social Good

Adam Brown

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Social media tends to get a bad reputation simply because everyone is always on it. You are always connected through one way or another, whether that be your phone, computer, iPad, etc. However, while some may view this as negative, I like to see the positives. As stated in the video in class on Tuesday (April 30), the internet has provided us with an interface that enables a connection between many, many people at once. While this does draw us constantly to different social media platforms, it also can be a very positive thing. The evolution of communication through social media has been extraordinary. We’ve gone from your basic telephone conversation to instant and direct messaging. Companies have been more and more commonly using social media to help with their earned reach and to advertise their product and engage with the customer virtually, such as Skittles and their interactive advertising:


With so many people constantly online, you can see the possibilities that come with that. Social media can contribute to the social good. Also mentioned in the movie, was the whole situation with the Chinese earthquake. It was reported and documented as it was happening, rather than after it happened. Twitter even had it before the United States Geological Association, and thats saying something. The speed with which that information travelled enabled people and organizations to have a global, coordinated effort to set up donations for relief efforts. The fact that so many people are connected online can be a powerful thing. Contrast to that, back in 2001 when 9/11 happened, and there was so much confusion with people not knowing where their loved ones were and if they were ok, apps like the Find My Friends would have helped. So you can see how the evolution of communication across social media has changed for the better, and hopefully will continue to do so.

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