May 9th Twitter Conversation

By Alex Huynh (@alexhuynh), Amir Kamali (@Amir2Kamali). Tiara Prince (@tprince11), Shannon Emerson (@ShannonEmerso1), Jesse Schwarz (@JesseSchwarzz), Hyungkyu Lim (@_Hyungkyu), Hyoyeog Kim (@hyoyeog)


On Thursday May 9th, Kyle Banuelos (@KyleBanuelos), Bill Vinton (@sync1b) and Melissa Barker (@Melissa_Barker) came to our class and spoke to us on their various experiences with social media and their companies. Kyle, who is a recent University of Oregon graduate gave us his background leading to starting his company Stublisher, speaking with his cofounder Bill on the difficulties they had faced and the experiences they have had through the whole process on building from the ground up. Melissa gave us a very in depth and detailed breakdown of LinkedIn and how to get the most out of our profiles. She provided us with useful tips in fully optimizing our profiles and building on all of our connections. Each of the speakers were very interactive with the class, fielding all of our questions and really providing detailed accounts of their experiences that got them to where they are now.


Stublisher is a great idea formed by Kyle Banuelos and Bill Vinton, with help from a programmer from a young programmer from Michigan. It aggregates media shared through instagram about various events around the U.S based on location. Their website is very stimulating, and easy to use, as you search through the different types of media. They have even teamed up with our friends at FOMOSonar to help with location-based events. Being started just a year ago, they have been very successful and we are looking forward to watching the company grow.


After asking the class to participate in the twitter conversation using the hash tag “#May9smm”, our group received an overwhelming response. As our group inquired about information presented by the speakers, many students enthusiastically answered or offered their own insight to the twitter conversation. Other students who were following the hashtag participated by “favoriting” or “retweeting” a tweet by one of the group members. Some of the class tweets were as follows:


Caitlin Virgin received three favorites and one retweet with her tweet, “helpful formula for @linkedin headline: who I am | value or solution | trust/credibility #may9smm #mktg199smm”


Jack C. received six favorites and two retweets from his tweet “Somewhere in Michigan a high schooler has sold 2 startups already. And is working on a third #may9smm @MKTG199SMM”


Jesse Schwarz received 4 retweets and 3 favorites with his tweet “stublisher co-founder @KyleBanuelos was a Duck this time last year. Started from the bottom now he here. #MAY9SMM”


Selah Shepard responded with Shannon Emmerson’s tweet which asked “Would you use Stublisher after this presentation? why or why not? #may9smm” with “It seems like you may have to be a member?” Shannon then responded with “You do but it is really easy to join!”

Maya asked “if @stublisher becomes a daily journal I would definitely use it #may9smm”. Shannon Emmerson replied “would you use it now even if that doesn’t happen?”


The class did an excellent job of participating in our twitter conversation during the two presentations. Here’s a look of what was covered on twitter:

@MKTG199SMM Get ready for the Twitter conversation of the decade. Get involved in the chat! #MAY9SMM

Somewhere in Michigan a high schooler has sold 2 startups already. And is working on a third #may9smm @MKTG199SMM

A good relationship between your business and consumers can give u a big advantage over the competitors #MAY9SMM

Kind of frightening how much personal information we give away using our smart phones. #MKTG199SMM #MAY9SMM

@stublisher co-founder @KyleBanuelos was a Duck this time last year. Started from the bottom now he here. #MAY9SMM

@MKTG199SMM We should all get connected on LinkedIn so we can help endorse each other with the skills we’ve used in class #may9smm

@Stublisher is an amazing innovative idea for any business looking to use pictures and instagram to their advantage #mktg199smm #may9smm


Using our #may9smm Hashtag, we were able to engage our classmates in thoughtful conversations related to the speakers and their presentations. It was a fun experience where we were able to interact with our classmates and our speakers throughout the day.


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