Charles Taylor-Love – MySpace: Face lift

Charles Taylor-Love, You can find me on twitter @Cetaylorlove or on Linkedin by simply typing my name.

Remember MySpace? That thing you haven’t checked in years, it’s back. With a revamp in sponsorship from the great pop artist, Justin Timberlake, MySpace has a new look. Centered on musicians, a user can enjoy a wide range of music from both known and unknown artist, while scrolling through personal interests. Personally I thought the concept of MySpace was the same as the original, but their staffs were savvy enough to create a whole new format that makes the previous a fossil. Some reviewers say it resembles Pinterest but consider this, how many guys you know willing to actively use Pinterest? That being said MySpace has a chance of becoming popular again. There are two options when visiting this sight which are an old look and a new updated format. With these options as well as your favorite artist using it, how could you not consider giving it a try?

Myspace has become outdated because of the simplicity in their rival Facebook. Because Facebook took over the social media market, MySpace had to regroup and sell it for a 70 million dollar cut of what they had asked for. Justin Timberlake has become the face of the brand as well as partial owner to help push MySpace in the right direction. We all have a Facebook but I must admit that it has lost some of the characteristics that wow’d me in the beginning.

The social media market is growing every day, making it hard for me and you to choose what to check the most. Vine, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat and now MySpace are the fore leaders of the market. I wonder what’s the next trend will be rather MySpace or something unheard of growing as I write. Regardless, it is up to the current trend to decide what’s the next coolest feature will be.


above: Your first MySpace friend Tom. Below: A look at the New Myspace.


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