Emily Vikesland LinkedIn Wrap Up

We are finishing up our fifth week here in Siena, Italy, and we have spent the majority of our time in Social Media Marketing class talking about LinkedIn. We began the week by creating accounts and starting to connect with one another. After we had the back bones of our pages and learned how exactly LinkedIn worked, we went to work on beefing up our profiles. For me, I had never been on LinkedIn and had a lot of work to do. I started by transferring the information on my resume to the experience section on my profile. Next, I made sure to follow organizations I associate with including my sorority, my honor society, as well as different clubs I’m in at the University of Oregon. After I had that section complete, I moved onto my summery. This is a great place to sell yourself and let others know where you are at in your career, where you want to be, and what types of companies you can see yourself working for. This gives future employers an idea of who you are and your goals for your career which is helpful in the hiring process. As soon as I finished my summary and added a profile picture, I started connecting. I reached out to former professors, former employers, family, and friends. I did this in hope of building a large network to help boost me to a successful career. As soon as I started adding people I knew, more people started to add me. At this point I only have about 40 connections which puts me at an expert level, but I am confident my profile will soon reach the All-Star level as my connections are growing everyday.

This afternoon we had the opportunity to Skype with Pinky Gonzales, the current Chief Strategy Officer at SightWorks Inc. We were able to have an interactive presentation with him in which he took us through different advanced functions of LinkedIn. One function that really stood out was the Advanced Search option. He showed us how we can filter our searches and come up with specific results. For example, I can find someone who used to work at Nike who graduated from the University of Oregon and now lives in Los Angeles, California. Or you can search for a current Marketing Manager at every company except for Nike. This is a great way to connect with executives and even set up informational interviews. We also learned how to send these executives proper invites. Gonzales mentioned that it’s best to let them know you are interested in their field and would like to meet up on a set date at a set time. This way it is easier to book and plan a meeting with you and there is less confusion and there is less opportunity for them to turn you down.

This week has been extremely helpful in boosting my hiring potential. I am so glad that we got to spend time learning about LinkedIn, how it works, and how we can market ourselves to future employers. I look forward to connecting with you on LinkedIn. Below is an example of what a LinkedIn profile looks like. To connect with me, click hereLinkedIn Profile Example.


Emily Vikesland


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