Networking is the Key to Success

Taylor Boss


My LinkedIn Profile

As our world continues to change and develop so does the way in which we interact with one another. We are now able to connect with people in ways we never thought would be possible. The social networking site LinkedIn is a common platform for employers and possible employees to network and display a professional profile similar to what you would find on a traditional resume.

LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn is the fastest most effective way to connect with employers and is the direction of which employers are looking to recruit their employees. The networking site allows you to showcase your skills, experience, personal interest, background information, contact information, and many other categories of personal information. It gives you the ability to display your passions of whom you are and what you want to accomplish in life. With how competitive the job force is today networking is key when looking for jobs out of college. It is important to begin networking as soon as you can, don’t wait till after you graduate to begin networking. The world no longer works the way it used to, you cant expect your employer to find you, you have to put yourself out there and not be afraid to be turned away. Creating my own personal LinkedIn has allowed me to actually think about the skills and qualities I have and the type of career I am interested in. I have found myself enjoying using this platform of social media because I am able to express my ambitions and creative qualities. LinkedIn makes it easy to design a career search that caters to your every need and interest. Making it easy to navigate and narrow down the job opportunities and the people to connect with. One of the most powerful keywords to use when looking for connections is you is past universities. When connecting with others it is important to be respectful and complimentary and to make sure to be specific when requesting to connect.


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