By: Simone Smith

The 2014 World Cup was estimated by Forbes to be the most social sporting event in history. A Business Insider article asserts that over 1.2 billion minutes of World Cup commercials have been watch worldwide– four times the amount of the Super Bowl. Historically, the most prominent sponsor for the event has been Adidas. Despite Germany’s victory in the World Cup, Nike continues to garner more views for their World Cup related videos. Recently, according to Ad Week’s article, “Non-Sponsor Nike Trounces Adidas for World Cup Video Views: World Cup Campaigns Add Up to Most-Viewed Video Event,” Nike gained a combined viewership of over 200 million views for their two commercials, “Risk Everything” and “The Last Game.” The success of Nike’s advertising campaigns were supported by celebrity appearances from legendary soccer players from various countries including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronoldo, and Brazil’s best player, Neymar. Even though FIFA’s official sponsors started large and aggressive campaigns, non-sponsors such as Beats audio created tremendously successful videos such as “The Game Before the Game” which captured audiences in the multi-millions.

Advertising for the event was quite costly, almost becoming comparable to that of the Super Bowl. According to a Bloomberg Businessweek article, the CEO of Adidas announced that spending for the World Cup totaled a “double digit million sum.” According to this article, partnership with the FIFA world cup costs around $70 million dollars for a four year contract. This year’s world cup has set numerous Twitter records and has been well documented on various social media platforms. According to a Business Insider article on World Cup advertising, companies strategically made commercials longer and incorporated more storytelling as commercials are only aired during half time and after the game. Unlike the Super Bowl, which has frequent commercial breaks, companies advertising during the World Cup had to take advantage of the lengthened commercial time and did so through storytelling. Globally, Brazil has the most commercial viewers with 61 million views, followed by the United States and Mexico with 57 and 50 million viewers respectively. The #WorldCup2014 blew up on Twitter and was popular worldwide.




2014 FIFA World Cup Advertising

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