Zach Wright & GrubHub, Inc.

Jack Snow



In today’s social media class, we were fortunate enough to have Zach Wright (@zacharywright) Skype into our class and discuss his experience in social media and marketing. Zach Wright currently works for GrubHub Inc. as the social media strategist. GrubHub Inc. is an online and mobile food ordering company. Grub Hub Inc. allows people to order food from thousands of different takeout restaurants across the nation, as well as London. Zach has a wide range of experience in the social media, advertising, and marketing fields. During the call, he shared with us that there are definitely certain strategies which companies or one can employ when using social media, but there is no exact science behind it. He stressed that social media is always changing and evolving; it will never be stagnant and this means that companies and people need to keep adapting to change.

I found it especially interesting to hear how Zach deals with GrubHub Inc’s Twitter account and how the company’s Twitter page may not be your prototypical company’s page. GrubHub’s Twitter page is filled with humor, food updates, and general interactions that we are not as accustomed to see between a company and its customers. I notice Zach’s personality is expressed through the company’s Twitter page. Although of course he is not the only one who is tweeting from the company account, he is the one with the social media direction and who implements the social media marketing strategy and outreach. Zach discussed how big corporate companies may use Twitter to reach out to customers, but that these large companies often lack any personality or flair with their Twitter accounts. GrubHub Inc. however, shall not be included in that category. Zach has grown their Twitter account into one with personality and energy that positively markets their brand. Just from hearing Zach talk for 60 minutes today, I can see how his own personality comes out in the company’s Twitter account.

I thoroughly enjoyed Zach’s insights on the current status of social media and marketing in the world right now. I found it quite beneficial to hear his career path and how he is always thinking of new ways and perspectives to gain an edge. 

Posted below is a video showing how GrubHub Inc. works with restaurants and how much it has benefited businesses by offering them a take out and delivery service!



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