Kasey Skala: Social Media Marketing Guru

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Properly marketing a company through Social Media is not an easy task by any means. As a student learning about how to market a brand through Social Media, I need all of the help I can get.

I had the pleasure of getting the opportunity to listen to Kasey Skala Skype into my class while studying abroad in Siena, Italy. I had already listened to him talk once before, but continued to learn even more about Social Media than I could have ever imagined.

Kasey Skala has an extensive background dealing with Social Media that makes him extremely knowledgeable. He use to work with Great Clips. He described to the class how it was primarily for customer service. The consumer just wants to be heard by the brand. During his talk about Great Clips, he explained one of the negative situations he faced when one of the people Great Clips sponsored made a comment that wasn’t liked by the community. By Kasey tweeting a simple statement that was authentic and un-opinionated, he was able to turn the negative situation into a positive outlook.

Brand engagement with customers is extremely important, said Kasey. He said the three most important words for customer engagement are Acceptance, Acknowledgement and  Appreciation. Brands on social media must fully accept responsibilities, they must acknowledge their consumers  and show appreciation. If a brand shows they generally care about the consumer, the consumer will be more inclined to back up the brand in times of need or when a crisis may occur.

Targeting different personas is important when marketing on different social media outlets. Not every social media outlet is meant for each personas. Kasey talked about how he markets for the Solo Cup Company. Their target market is between the ages of 25-44 year old women. They market on Facebook to the older persona and use Pinterest to market to the younger side of the target market! Solo Cup Company uses inspirational content to target to women.

I learned a lot about brand engagement and target personas through talking and listening to Kasey Skala and why those two concepts are important when marketing your brand on social media.



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