Social Media Marketing and Athletes

Markland E Blaiklock


I have never been very interested in blogs having rarely read any blogs and this being my first blog post that I have ever written, this all seems very new and foreign to me. One of my greatest interests is professional sports whether that’s The NFL, NBA, or NHL. One thing that all these athletes have in common in all these different sports is social media and their ability to connect to fans through these outlets. Different athletes are more active on social media and quickly gain followers some sports figures like LeBron have millions and millions of follower’s wile some other professional athletes will only have a few hundred fans or followers depending on their popularity or their activity on social media. Some of these companies understand that these people and their social media accounts can be very powerful marketing tools. Samsung even made a LeBron app where you can follow LeBron on and off the court, but only if you buy their phone can you download this app, which I think the app itself looks ridiculous.

business shaq.jpg

The NBA has many players that are examples of these marketing tools. Players like LeBron and Derrick Rose have their contracts with their teams for tens of millions of dollars then they also have shoe deals and other endorsements for usually even more than their contracts. Derrick Rose signed a $200 Million dollar 13 year shoe deal with Adidas that is great for Derrick, especially because he has been dealing with lots of injuries over the last few years. Sometimes there are ex-players like Shaquille O’Neill who make more money off of endorsements today than when he did as a player, which is remarkable, but it also makes sense. When you compare media outlets of today with the outlets of the 90’s and early 2000’s there are so many more opportunities to advertise and so many more outlets to get that message out there. In conclusion, I’m not sure how social media and endorsements through athletes will look like in the future, but I do know that today it is a very powerful marketing tool that more and more brands are beginning to adopt.


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