Pinky Gonzalez on LinkedIn

Chance McCord


On Monday June 2, Pinky Gonzalez gave a presentation on his career as a marketer then wrapped up the presentation with a short talk on the usefulness of LinkedIn. He began by talking about the importance of your profile. It is importance to be very professional in your profile, but also be willing to change your profile as your career changes. He explained that it is important that your profile emphasizes what is relevant to your life at the time. His biggest point of emphasis was on the job search capabilities of the LinkedIn website. The search option allows you to find companies or job openings in the location or field of your choosing. I have only been on LinkedIn for a couple weeks, so i still do not fully understand how to use the site, but I can definitely see how it could be useful for me in the future. Today it is harder than ever to find a job, let alone a career, but LinkedIn can be an extremely helpful tool. Not only does the search capability allow you to search for jobs, but the overall network allows you to connect with other business men and women who may be able help you find a career. The article on the following link shows just how valuable LinkedIn can be for a job search resource.  I am still skeptical about using LinkedIn to find a job, but hearing stories such as the one posted above give me some confidence to try it out. If i never try I may never know if I would be able to use LinkedIn to find a job or make meaningful connections. Even if LinkedIn doesn’t directly lead me to my career, I hope to better be able to utilize the connections, searches, and information that it provides.



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