State, a new social network

I stumbled upon and joined a few weeks ago. I have waited to write this blog in hopes that something “profound” would happen on this “up-and-coming”social network (founded in 2013). I found State through a satire video “No one cares about your social media posts” that @Mashable shared.

ImageThe video is brilliant because it illustrates all of the ridiculous things that happen before, during, and after we post on social media. “ I wanna post about how great this coffee is but I can’t think of a funny way to say it”.

At the end of the video we are left with: “Time to use another part of your brain” and a visit 

So. What is and does it help eliminate some stupidity of the use of social media?



State’s Manifesto. Strives to be easy to use and act as a powerful tool:

State’s interface allows sharing opinions to be quick and easy through the search and paste function of where you start a post. The result of the ease of sharing and “clicking your opinion in” resulted in my feed to cluttered with opinions that boring and pointless. Here are some highlights:





State may be a step into the right direction for a way to share opinions. The platform needs some serious tuning to allow for quick “stating” and meaningful dialogue.



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