Snapchat In Social Media

Mason Voge

Snapchat is a photo sharing app that was developed in July, 2011. This app allows users to sen pictures any number of contacts for a limited amount of time, up to 10 seconds. Snapchat’s popularity skyrocketed and so did it’s potential. Through the years since its creation, snapchat has gained the interest of companies for marketing purposes. There are different ways in which a company can use snapchat to increase marketing efficiency. Many businesses offer coupons or special offers to customers on snapchat, which generates buzz and ideally increases the overall awareness of the company to the consumers. Businesses that decide to use snapchat as a marketing tool often start with a giveaway that attracts a lot of attention and gains them followers as they get their foot in the door. This is a great way to delve into a marketing medium because it generates awareness quickly and the company immediately enters the new field under a good impression. (Snapchat for Business – Once companies develop a following, they can then decide to use snapchat on a mass scale, promoting and advertising their biggest products to a big audience.images         This is an example of Taco Bell marketing to their followers on snapchat introducing the new item on their menu. Taco Bell is one of the leading business relating to the use of snapchat as a marketing medium. Taco Bell realizes it fast food industry could be greatly helped by this app. There is much they can do, especially in this industry, because there is so much to offer consumers. Taco Bell could have a new promotion via snapchat every week if they wanted to. It is easier for a business like this to take full advantage of what snapchat has to offer.

Things That Snapchat Has To Offer:

1. It is easier to market on than most social media sites.

2. Appeals to a younger audience.

3. More exciting for consumers to use and receive deals.

These are just some of the main reasons why snapchat has grown into the world of social media marketing. The future of Snapchat in the business world is bright and the possibilities regarding marketing are endless and will only continue to develop as innovations are made. I expect Snapchat to begin developing small way to make it easier for companies to marketing off of their app in order to draw in more companies interested in marketing through it. If Snapchat continues to innovate to meet the needs of business then I believe it will play a large role in social media marketing in the future.

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