Red Solo Cup I Fill You Up

Taylor Boss


On May 29th 2014 Kasey Skala ( @kmskala) was Skyped into our Marketing 199 class. As a business student, many marketing associates have intrigued me. Kasey Skala is a digital and social media marketer for Solo Cups, or “celebrating cups”. The product, solo cups, is typically projected to woman between the ages of 25-45 years old. As a marketer, Skala claims that they are struggling to find a platform, as Facebook is a logical platform, not every channel is right for the company that is eludes too. The solo cup is marketed towards only a particular demographic, and finding the correct channel is the challenge that the company is faced with. As a result, the company found Pinterest to be a great visual platform that connotes Solo Cups with an exciting youthful lifestyle. The company needs to utilize the best medium for its directional function. Solo Cup attenuates itself, by its culture parameters, to a younger, college level, audience. College students utilize Solo Cup for the purpose of Beer Pong, and other college related activities. Solo Cup is a mystery, and enigma of context. It is a fun, exciting, experience of nuanced ecstasy. Each cup is a singular narrative, which captures the night’s essence.


Before Kasey joined the company, Toby Keith wrote a song “Red Solo Cup.” Solo Cup slept on the marketing opportunity to capitalize on Toby Keith’s song, as well as Andra Kendrick,’s musical number. Solo Cups is the one brand, which hasn’t had negative insight on their product. Red Solo Cup has a shiny object syndrome that always yearns for the best for their product. The key is to know what the marketing competitors are comprised of. Having P.R. experience, and his sociability, in terms of his marketing compatibility, earned him a confident position in the field of social media marketing creating a sociable experience for his consumers.

As I have learned throughout this term, gaining an occupation based on the market’s desires subjugates me, so I have to find opportunities through networking independently, personably, and through human interactions. I want to be utilizing these methodologies of marketing to continue my pursuit in a career I’m passion about.


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