QR Codes are Shaping the Future

ImageJonathan Cazet, MKTG199

 Get linked with your favorite brand in a snap!

            Over the last few years an increase in the use of QR codes has occurred. As explained in our textbook, a QR (quick response) code is a two-dimensional matrix-style image readable by smartphones, QR scanners, and other hand held devices. Eliminating the need to type in information on a mobile device, a QR code sends you to your URL with ease. The benefit to using a QR code makes it quick and easy to capture a significant amount of information in very short time frame. It seems as the use of mobile devices increases, the social media marketing possibilities for QR codes is becoming nearly endless. An example provided by the text states that placing a QR code on coupons, business, cards, and other printed promotional material can provide instant links to a corporate website, branded social network, company, blog, discussion board, or online contest. As well, marketers can place these increasingly popular QR codes on a product, advertisement, or catalog so that when consumers scan the code with their devices, they are immediately connected to the department selling their item. Also, as stated in our textbook, a QR code can be used to quickly connect customers to service departments, product reviews, price comparisons, nutritional information, and so on. QR codes are really the future of businesses seeking more costumers to endorse their brands. QR codes provide a very powerful way to link mobile with location-based marketing.

            Personal I have downloaded a couple of the QR code scanning applications on my mobile device. Some of these applications that had the opportunity to use first hand include @RedLaserApp and @ba_ko_do. At first I can admit was not a fan of the QR scanning technology because the mechanics behind these apps were quite week and at times would not even recognize the codes you were scanning. However, this all changed when RedLaser had updated their version back in November of 2013. This completely redesigned edition for the iOS7 operating system blew my mind. Now I see that there have been a couple of updates to the app in the last few months. Not only is scanning made way easier by the increase of recognition speed, but as well there are now menus where you are able to search what companies are using QR codes and find deals near your current location. At first I will admit I was not a fan of any QR code scanner. However, as myself and many others are becoming more dependent on their mobile devices RedLaser is becoming a very helpful tool for finding information fast. Now go download the app and start scanning, the deals are near boundless! Try out the ones on this post to see just what you can do with a QR code. 


Learn more about RedLaser: http://redlaser.com/application/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/JCazet    



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