Promoting Your Business on Vine

May 31, 2014

By: Dakota Bovee

First it was MySpace, and then Facebook, and now Twitter seems to be where all the news hits first. What’s next? Are we even in need of a new social media platform?

In 2013 Vine caught some attention due to its uniqueness and simplicity. Vine is a social media platform that allows users to record 6 second segmented videos that are then shared with that user’s followers. When the app first got popular no one saw it as a marketing avenue, but eventually Vine had stolen enough of the country’s attention to make it a suitable platform to market on. Few companies have attempted a social media marketing campaign designed for Vine. This is because only few companies have seen a plausible marketing plan that uses 6-second videos. Many brands that are active on Vine are featuring their products and services through stop-animation videos. These videos are creative and entertaining, but that’s really all they are. They don’t incorporate a brand-building message like a video from a social media marketing campaign would.

For those interested in setting up a Vine-based social media plan, here are a few simple ideas to get things rolling. Snapping segments of a product unboxing is an easy video idea for any brand that releases new products on the regular. A quick how it’s made video is a perfect marketing video for any brand, also a how to video could be applicable to many brands for their products and services! Another interesting idea is offering real time responses to customers and fans regarding any customer service issue or question. Snack hacks is also another popular type of Vine marketing video which gives viewers a quick how-to on making special snacks/treats using foods from a specific brand. There’s an endless amount of Vine marketing strategies; these are just a couple. Only time will tell what Vine’s future marketing opportunities will look like and what the new social media platform will be.


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