Getting a Job With Social Media

Throughout the term in MKTG 199 we have had many great speakers, lectures, and presentations cataloging the true power of social media. One thing that particularly stood out to me as a central theme was utilizing social media for career advancement.  

On April 7th 2014, we had the pleasure of talking with Erik Qualman, the author of the book Socialnomics which truly chronicles the impact that social media can have in business and our lives. During the chat he provided one stat that set the tone for the rest of the term. He said “86% of people are helped with their career by their digital footprint”. This was especially inspiring because in the past, everyone always says that almost anything posted on social media can hurt you in the eyes of employers. 


Given this revelation, it got me thinking, “how can I further use social media to help my career?” Each week of the term, I learned more and more about this. Here are some highlights:

  • Create a LinkedIn profile and make sure it’s complete. A recent survey from Jobvite found that 93% of job recruiters tap into LinkedIn to find qualified candidates. Not only does this allow you to be found by recruiters and hiring managers, but it allows you to search for connections and research companies for potential positions.
  • Use Twitter (and other platforms) to develop your personal brand. Twitter is a great way to develop your personal brand as it allows you to use hashtags that are searchable by other people. If you consistently post content that you are passionate about and that is engaging, you can develop yourself as an expert in your field. Even more so this is great because you can connect with other people with similar interests, which can grow your professional network.

Lastly, there is a great article by CNN Money that provides 10 tips for using social media in your job search. Here is the link:

Corbin Weaver 
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Pinky Gonzalez on LinkedIn

Chance McCord


On Monday June 2, Pinky Gonzalez gave a presentation on his career as a marketer then wrapped up the presentation with a short talk on the usefulness of LinkedIn. He began by talking about the importance of your profile. It is importance to be very professional in your profile, but also be willing to change your profile as your career changes. He explained that it is important that your profile emphasizes what is relevant to your life at the time. His biggest point of emphasis was on the job search capabilities of the LinkedIn website. The search option allows you to find companies or job openings in the location or field of your choosing. I have only been on LinkedIn for a couple weeks, so i still do not fully understand how to use the site, but I can definitely see how it could be useful for me in the future. Today it is harder than ever to find a job, let alone a career, but LinkedIn can be an extremely helpful tool. Not only does the search capability allow you to search for jobs, but the overall network allows you to connect with other business men and women who may be able help you find a career. The article on the following link shows just how valuable LinkedIn can be for a job search resource.  I am still skeptical about using LinkedIn to find a job, but hearing stories such as the one posted above give me some confidence to try it out. If i never try I may never know if I would be able to use LinkedIn to find a job or make meaningful connections. Even if LinkedIn doesn’t directly lead me to my career, I hope to better be able to utilize the connections, searches, and information that it provides.


Social Media Marketing and Athletes

Markland E Blaiklock


I have never been very interested in blogs having rarely read any blogs and this being my first blog post that I have ever written, this all seems very new and foreign to me. One of my greatest interests is professional sports whether that’s The NFL, NBA, or NHL. One thing that all these athletes have in common in all these different sports is social media and their ability to connect to fans through these outlets. Different athletes are more active on social media and quickly gain followers some sports figures like LeBron have millions and millions of follower’s wile some other professional athletes will only have a few hundred fans or followers depending on their popularity or their activity on social media. Some of these companies understand that these people and their social media accounts can be very powerful marketing tools. Samsung even made a LeBron app where you can follow LeBron on and off the court, but only if you buy their phone can you download this app, which I think the app itself looks ridiculous.

business shaq.jpg

The NBA has many players that are examples of these marketing tools. Players like LeBron and Derrick Rose have their contracts with their teams for tens of millions of dollars then they also have shoe deals and other endorsements for usually even more than their contracts. Derrick Rose signed a $200 Million dollar 13 year shoe deal with Adidas that is great for Derrick, especially because he has been dealing with lots of injuries over the last few years. Sometimes there are ex-players like Shaquille O’Neill who make more money off of endorsements today than when he did as a player, which is remarkable, but it also makes sense. When you compare media outlets of today with the outlets of the 90’s and early 2000’s there are so many more opportunities to advertise and so many more outlets to get that message out there. In conclusion, I’m not sure how social media and endorsements through athletes will look like in the future, but I do know that today it is a very powerful marketing tool that more and more brands are beginning to adopt.

Red Solo Cup I Fill You Up

Taylor Boss


On May 29th 2014 Kasey Skala ( @kmskala) was Skyped into our Marketing 199 class. As a business student, many marketing associates have intrigued me. Kasey Skala is a digital and social media marketer for Solo Cups, or “celebrating cups”. The product, solo cups, is typically projected to woman between the ages of 25-45 years old. As a marketer, Skala claims that they are struggling to find a platform, as Facebook is a logical platform, not every channel is right for the company that is eludes too. The solo cup is marketed towards only a particular demographic, and finding the correct channel is the challenge that the company is faced with. As a result, the company found Pinterest to be a great visual platform that connotes Solo Cups with an exciting youthful lifestyle. The company needs to utilize the best medium for its directional function. Solo Cup attenuates itself, by its culture parameters, to a younger, college level, audience. College students utilize Solo Cup for the purpose of Beer Pong, and other college related activities. Solo Cup is a mystery, and enigma of context. It is a fun, exciting, experience of nuanced ecstasy. Each cup is a singular narrative, which captures the night’s essence.


Before Kasey joined the company, Toby Keith wrote a song “Red Solo Cup.” Solo Cup slept on the marketing opportunity to capitalize on Toby Keith’s song, as well as Andra Kendrick,’s musical number. Solo Cups is the one brand, which hasn’t had negative insight on their product. Red Solo Cup has a shiny object syndrome that always yearns for the best for their product. The key is to know what the marketing competitors are comprised of. Having P.R. experience, and his sociability, in terms of his marketing compatibility, earned him a confident position in the field of social media marketing creating a sociable experience for his consumers.

As I have learned throughout this term, gaining an occupation based on the market’s desires subjugates me, so I have to find opportunities through networking independently, personably, and through human interactions. I want to be utilizing these methodologies of marketing to continue my pursuit in a career I’m passion about.

Snapchat In Social Media

Mason Voge

Snapchat is a photo sharing app that was developed in July, 2011. This app allows users to sen pictures any number of contacts for a limited amount of time, up to 10 seconds. Snapchat’s popularity skyrocketed and so did it’s potential. Through the years since its creation, snapchat has gained the interest of companies for marketing purposes. There are different ways in which a company can use snapchat to increase marketing efficiency. Many businesses offer coupons or special offers to customers on snapchat, which generates buzz and ideally increases the overall awareness of the company to the consumers. Businesses that decide to use snapchat as a marketing tool often start with a giveaway that attracts a lot of attention and gains them followers as they get their foot in the door. This is a great way to delve into a marketing medium because it generates awareness quickly and the company immediately enters the new field under a good impression. (Snapchat for Business – Once companies develop a following, they can then decide to use snapchat on a mass scale, promoting and advertising their biggest products to a big audience.images         This is an example of Taco Bell marketing to their followers on snapchat introducing the new item on their menu. Taco Bell is one of the leading business relating to the use of snapchat as a marketing medium. Taco Bell realizes it fast food industry could be greatly helped by this app. There is much they can do, especially in this industry, because there is so much to offer consumers. Taco Bell could have a new promotion via snapchat every week if they wanted to. It is easier for a business like this to take full advantage of what snapchat has to offer.

Things That Snapchat Has To Offer:

1. It is easier to market on than most social media sites.

2. Appeals to a younger audience.

3. More exciting for consumers to use and receive deals.

These are just some of the main reasons why snapchat has grown into the world of social media marketing. The future of Snapchat in the business world is bright and the possibilities regarding marketing are endless and will only continue to develop as innovations are made. I expect Snapchat to begin developing small way to make it easier for companies to marketing off of their app in order to draw in more companies interested in marketing through it. If Snapchat continues to innovate to meet the needs of business then I believe it will play a large role in social media marketing in the future.

What is your opinion on the future of Snapchat marketing? – 

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State, a new social network

I stumbled upon and joined a few weeks ago. I have waited to write this blog in hopes that something “profound” would happen on this “up-and-coming”social network (founded in 2013). I found State through a satire video “No one cares about your social media posts” that @Mashable shared.

ImageThe video is brilliant because it illustrates all of the ridiculous things that happen before, during, and after we post on social media. “ I wanna post about how great this coffee is but I can’t think of a funny way to say it”.

At the end of the video we are left with: “Time to use another part of your brain” and a visit 

So. What is and does it help eliminate some stupidity of the use of social media?



State’s Manifesto. Strives to be easy to use and act as a powerful tool:

State’s interface allows sharing opinions to be quick and easy through the search and paste function of where you start a post. The result of the ease of sharing and “clicking your opinion in” resulted in my feed to cluttered with opinions that boring and pointless. Here are some highlights:





State may be a step into the right direction for a way to share opinions. The platform needs some serious tuning to allow for quick “stating” and meaningful dialogue.


Promoting Your Business on Vine

May 31, 2014

By: Dakota Bovee

First it was MySpace, and then Facebook, and now Twitter seems to be where all the news hits first. What’s next? Are we even in need of a new social media platform?

In 2013 Vine caught some attention due to its uniqueness and simplicity. Vine is a social media platform that allows users to record 6 second segmented videos that are then shared with that user’s followers. When the app first got popular no one saw it as a marketing avenue, but eventually Vine had stolen enough of the country’s attention to make it a suitable platform to market on. Few companies have attempted a social media marketing campaign designed for Vine. This is because only few companies have seen a plausible marketing plan that uses 6-second videos. Many brands that are active on Vine are featuring their products and services through stop-animation videos. These videos are creative and entertaining, but that’s really all they are. They don’t incorporate a brand-building message like a video from a social media marketing campaign would.

For those interested in setting up a Vine-based social media plan, here are a few simple ideas to get things rolling. Snapping segments of a product unboxing is an easy video idea for any brand that releases new products on the regular. A quick how it’s made video is a perfect marketing video for any brand, also a how to video could be applicable to many brands for their products and services! Another interesting idea is offering real time responses to customers and fans regarding any customer service issue or question. Snack hacks is also another popular type of Vine marketing video which gives viewers a quick how-to on making special snacks/treats using foods from a specific brand. There’s an endless amount of Vine marketing strategies; these are just a couple. Only time will tell what Vine’s future marketing opportunities will look like and what the new social media platform will be.