Samuel Long

Damian Lillard’s #4BarFriday Movement
Samuel Long

Over the past year, Portland Trail Blazer point guard Damian Lillard has created a social trend on Instragram that is taking social media by storm. 4BarFriday, is a weekly rap competition where contestants submit a fifteen second rap video to Damian’s hashtag #4BarFriday. This competition caused Lillard to create a 4barfriday page on Instagram, and has already attracted over 30,000 followers, with over 2,000 submissions per week. This attention has created a rise in celebrity submissions to 4barfriday. NBA players such as LeBron James, Paul George, and Damian Lillard himself post their own submissions to encourage the movement. Each week Damian reviews the submissions and picks his favorite “4 bars” of the day. 4 bars, relates to the amount of lines a contender can post. Usually, four bars counts up to a sixteen count measure. This is why many rappers consider themselves to be rapping sixteens. I have posted several video submissions myself and have been very close to winning the top 4 for the week. Damian Lillard has seen and retweeted my submissions via Twitter so this competition is very useful for gaining social recognition for musical talents. This social media contest is only getting bigger, hosting rap events and live competitions for top competitors. Damian Lillard even created an internship focused around promoting and expanding the talent on each 4BarFriday competition. The potential for this hashtag to go viral is very high, and its’ opportunities to expand could potentially be limitless. Damian Lillard has the chance to market this social trend to benefit local charities, host concerts nationwide, and create endorsements connected with this viral competition. Adidas even created a shoe for Damian Lillard inspired by the #4BarFriday movement.

Below is a link of the shoe created for Damian Lillard:

Below is a link of a submission Damian Lillard posted for 4BarFriday:


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