Kasey Skala Review

BLOG 29 May 2014:

My name is Drew McPherson and I am writing in today about guest speaker Kasey Skala, who does marketing for Solo, the makes of the iconic Red Solo Cup. You can find im on twitter as @kmskala. Obviously we all as college students relate the Solo cup with parties, tailgates, kickbacks etc. Solo cups are also often associated with alcohol. That being said it was asked how Kasey would capitalize on that to market Solo cups to consumers of alcohol, or would they even try to market to alcohol drinkers. Kasey was animate about not targeting underaged drinkers because that could cause a PR nightmare, and it’s just not ethical, also it is never referred to as drinking but as “celebrating”. Kasey wants people to be drinking from Solo cups when they “celebrate”. He wants Solo cup to be associative with good times and happiness. Customers are inclined to buy a product that they associate with good feelings. Kasey also touched on the fact that Social Media is a new marketing platform and some people don’t understand how it works therefore it is hard to get some companies to commit to Social Media Marketing when they don’t understand it. I found his presentation to the class to be incredibly insightful especially when talking about why they don’t go certain routes with their marketing and what the thought process is behind deciding how to properly market the product. For example he talked about Solo not using Snapchat because he simply did not know how they would use Snapchat to market in an effective and efficient manner. Also, when speaking about why the don’t have and or market Solo shot glasses because they don’t want to directly associate and market towards alcohol consumption, they want to be seen as a product that can be used by all ages for all sorts of beverages, not find a niche in the alcohol business. All in all I thought Kasey was the most insightful of the speakers so far and learned a lot from him.


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