Does Location Marketing Really Help?

How many times has one of your friends posted a picture on Instagram, Twitter or some other social media outlet of their amazing lunch, dinner or some other tasty looking treat? I’m sure there has also been times when you see a friends outfit and would love to know where you could buy the same exact look. How many times have you caught yourself wondering how and where you could get the same thing? Location Marketing is perfect for moments like these, actually I think it should be encouraged because if someone is able to see where they can buy a certain product or service then they’re more likely to buy it. If someone has to do a ton of research for that one shirt or take the time to look at reviews for every Thai restaurant in their area to find a place that seems somewhat close to as good as the picture looked on your Instagram feed then the odds of them actually buying the product or service goes down. If you make it easy and convenient for someone to find your business then I’m sure you can welcome in a lot more business. 

Also, if you encourage your audience to give their location when at your business then all of their followers and friends will become more aware of your brand and without knowing it will become familiar with it. So when it’s time to choose a restaurant for dinner or time to go shopping for that perfect little black dress then your brand or business could be the first to pop into their head. 

Location marketing is very beneficial for all companies and helps to get your brand out there and into the public-eye. Of course there could be some negatives to it, like if someone where to post a negative review and enter the location of your business but other than that I think location marketing is something every business should take advantage of. 

Cyphers, Emily


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