Unflattering way to become famous!

It is stifling among social media via all the different platforms youtube, twitter, Instagram, vine and many more how one clip in the matter of two days can go viral getting over 500,000+ views. That is the case with 16 year old Miranda Fugate aka “Shovel Girl”. Miranda was captured via video fighting one of her former friends Emily, low and behold minutes later Emily was seen to have grabbed a shovel chasing Miranda and then proceeded to hit Miranda in the back of the head. This video uploaded to youtube and vine also as a short clip created so much hype and buzz that it landed Miranda Fugate with the name of “Shovel Girl” . The viral video of “Shovel Girl” miranda made her vine and youtube famous with the thousands of youtube shares and revines along with the youtube remixes of miranda getting hit in the head with the shovel to songs and comedy vlogs by celebrities.

    With, however with the youtube video and vine video of “shovel girl” becoming a sensation & various videos being produced around shovel girl there turned out to be a problem, that problem being a hoax. After the video being viral for a few weeks, there was a fraud twitter account posing as Miranda Fugate announcing that days she got hit in the back of the head with the shovel she one lost her hearing but also days after that died from the impact from the hit. This statement showed up many places within articles that it forced Miranda Fugate to make a psa saying that she is not dead on her youtube account and two be really active among her twitter page along with promote her twitter as well. This gave Miranda a wide variety of followers on twitter and a overall popular name to be known as “shovel girl” that she takes on appreciates.

 On the social media side regarding this story behind Miranda Fugate I was widely impressed by how rapidly fast this video spread throughout the different media platforms. Especially to the point where celebrities were making music videos and compilations regarding Fugate getting hit in the head with a shovel. This video is definitely an example of how no matter what the content may possibly be if it meets the eye for entertainment, generates buzz, keeps people interests & engage the right target audience this video shows that the reciprocation from the public will definitely go a long way. Perhaps 16 year old Miranda Fugate had a social media strategy walking into the “shovel girl” incident to create buzz around herself and her own personal life. If she did I give her an applause because she did gain a abundance amount of twitter followers along with trends of violent but entertaining things that evolved from “shovel girl” to “Scooter boy” and so on. This story has taught me with social media that information travels fast as well and that’s good to know too, the remarks stating that Miranda was dead sparked a different outlook upon this humor but being that this news trended on different platforms fast I was glad to see that social media being Miranda Fugate was able to address the hoax and clear up the false statements. This story of “Shovel girl” all in all shows me that social media is something that is at the top of its level with the speed to become viewed and for information to spread.

                                 – Kenneth Kidd

Following link to the “Shovel Girl” Vine Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65OVQYQN4AY

Following link Miranda Fugate speaking out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBRbAi6Fs6M

Article regarding Miranda Fugate Hoax: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/shovel-fight-girl-miranda-fugate-alive-and-well-9330387.html


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