Standing Out on LinkedIn

Bret Enochs

LinkedIn is a business-oriented Social Networking site that was launched on May 5, 2003. In the beginning LinkedIn grew very slowly and had difficulty attracting members. After its initially slow start up, people began seeing the benefits and started joining LinkedIn. LinkedIn is now the world’s largest professional network with 277 million users in over 200 countries. These 277 million members have access to almost every available job because 77% of jobs openings are posted to LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s use is so widespread because it can help people get jobs, connect with professionals, research a company, get recommendations to build credibility, showcase skills and abilities, make connections with others in the same field, and build brand awareness.
LinkedIn has so many perks and uses that it is clear why the network is 277 million members strong. However, with that many users some might think that it is impossible to stand out and get a job using LinkedIn. The best way to get noticed and get the most out of LinkedIn is to have an All-Star profile. Of the 277 million LinkedIn users only 50% of them have complete profiles. Achieving All-Star status and looking good for employers are both daunting tasks but here are some tips to help you achieve both simultaneously. It is important for your profile picture on LinkedIn to be professional and recent. Make sure this picture properly portrays how you want to represent yourself to employers. Second to your picture, your headline is the next thing anyone will see. It is important to have a memorable headline with descriptive keywords that describes who you are and how you can benefit that company. Make sure to include all job experience even if you are not interested in that field. When editing your job experience don’t just list your basic tasks, explain how you’ve been an asset and improved that company. It is crucial on LinkedIn to get recommendations because they improve your reputation and credibility. Make sure your summary is conversational, professional and don’t be afraid to use up all 2,000 words. In order to be an All-Star you must have 50 connections so join groups and get connected. It is important to show people your interests, values, and who you are by following influencers and joining groups. To see some examples of great LinkedIn profiles check out:




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