Matthew Warren 


Throughout this spring term we have been discussing social media, their apps, and what they can do for you. Recently we have been specifically examining and evaluating the ever so Popular “LinkedIn”. When one thinks of social media they typically categorize it as entertainment for a younger generation and nothing more than that. However, Reid Hoffman along with 4 others founded a Business oriented, professional themed, Social networking site that specializes in creating and maintaining business connections. LinkIn may not be as popular in our generation as Facebook or Twitter is, but that will change as we grow older. Very soon, our generation will all be migrating towards LinkedIn as we look to build and sustain our careers. With the transition ahead, it is best we prepare. The best way to prepare for the movement, is to be ahead of the movement. Attempting to build a network through sites like Facebook and Twitter can come across as unprofessional. With LinkIn we can look to mentors weve had throughout our development stages, become connected, and continue to blossom our future by having that starting foundation. With our future careers right around the corner, it becomes essential we are on top of our game, and LinkedIn is here to help by having a home base with eas of accessing your connections made. LinkIn can benefit you in more ways than one. It is not just a website that will help employers keep watch over you. Instead, LinkedIn will help you find future employers and vice versa.

Infographic-New-Networking-Ultimate-LinkedIn-Guide LinkedIn will continue to adapt and change, but business and connections will presumably  always be their core focus. Changes have already been added to the website recently that I, along with many others predict will make the business world that much more competitive. Those changes include a new idea of “Profile Rank”. This includes your personal profile giving yourself and others a rank of how active in your career you are, the ability for others to write reviews of your work, and your overall connections level. This update could very well create a addictive pattern to people having the highest rank they can. This should help maintain the websites user return rate and overall success of the website and app.

Some words of advice from a Wise man I follow by the name of Hank Blank

For those of you in #mktg199 you have been assigned to get LinkedIn and for those readers who are not, I highly recommend getting LinkedIn, for yourself and your future.


Getting LinkedIn

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