Social Media In Sports, Snapchat?

Steven Gilkey.

Over the past years social media has grown exponentially and is believed to continue. One reason it will continue to grow may be Snapchat. Snapchat is an app that is used to send videos and pictures to your friends. Marketers have been working endlessly to find a way to promote their brand off Snapchat and i believe i have found a solution. First some back ground info, my plan is oriented around sports marketing. But more specifically its focus is around teams and star players. We all know that sports fans all wish that they could live the live or feel apart of the life of their favorite athletes. The perfect way to do this is by using Snapchat. The athlete could have a group on Snapchat where its all their fans, thens a couple times a week or a couple times a day they could send out videos or pictures of what their up to. This would undoubtedly give them more fans. Ill use Lebron James as an example, Lebron is a professional basketball player for the Miami Heat and may be the most popular sports figure alive. So Lebron could send a video of him doing a crazy dunk in practice to all his fans on snapchat and his fans would love him even more. This could work in all sports; basketball, baseball, football, hockey and soccer. The next phase of my plan is too get the teams involved. Fans could follow their teams and get pictures of the jerseys or even weekly reminders about the game. Where i think teams could really benefit is using it for promotions such as tickets or they could make a snapchat challenge for all the fans who are at the game. It could be whoever takes the coolest picture could win a prize, this could easily drive up ticket prices and game attendance. My last idea for the teams is to send out mini highlight plays from their resent game to remind fans how much fun they had and make them want to go to the next game.

Snapchat pic


Heres a link to Snapchat!

Pefect Picture for Lebron James to sent to fans.

Pefect Picture for Lebron James to sent to fans.


Snapchat might be the next big thing in social media,  so players and teams should take advantage of it while its still young. As our guest speaker, Elly Duetch – a recognized athletic branding expert – mentioned, athletes have trouble branding themselves to their fans. I believe Snapchat could be the solution to that problem.

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