Snapchat: The newest marketing fad of social media.

In todays society, social media is taking over the world. What was once a platform for connecting with friends and family, is now a tool that companies utilize to connect with consumers.  The concept of traditional marketing has completely shifted from one-way communication to having the ability to actively engage with customers in new and innovative ways.

Because social media is moving so fast, consumers are constantly flocking to the newest platform. Blink, and you might miss the newest update. The constant change of social media makes it an exciting opportunity for companies to be creative and stand out from the rest.

With over 70% of Fortune Magazine’s Fortune 500 companies using Twitter and Facebook, the popularity of social media marketing continues to grow. Consumers can now tweet at their favorite company, get involved in campaigns, and even enter for promotions! How cool is that?

Though, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are the most popular platforms for social media marketing, the new kid on the block– Snapchat, is making a big name for itself.  With over 26 million users and over 400 million snaps a day, Snapchat has become one of the most popular mobile apps.



If you aren’t familiar with the app, here’s how it works: send a picture or a video to a friend that can only be viewed once. The sender can chooses how long the snap can be viewed (between 1-10 seconds). Want to view that snap again? Sorry, it’s gone forever once opened.

This time-limited concept brings out a whole new side of creativity from users. Though many people may use the app inappropriately, it is typically used to send corky snaps to friends that normally wouldn’t be sent via text. And though you would of never guessed, many companies are hopping on board.

 So how are companies using Snapchat? The most notable is 16 Handles, a New York based frozen Yogurt chain.They have their customer’s send a video of themselves sampling the yogurt at one of their locations, and in return would send  a Snapchat message with a coupon for use during the visit. Tee catch? You can’t open the snap until your next visit to the store..because it will disappear after it’s opened. This is a creative way to get customers excited about their next visit for yogurt.

The New Orleans Saints also have hopped on Snapchat, making them the first NFL team to do so. Each week during the season the team would send out snaps with behind-the-scenes footage or photos of the uniforms they would be wearing. Additionally, they would give away new merchandise in the fan store to subscribers.

Snapchat has proven to be a successful marketing tool for many companies. As we hear more stories of success, more and more companies will continue to join. Besides, with the popularity of the app, it makes it an opportunity to engage with millions of customers.


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