Marketing on Instagram

As we learn from the class mktg199, marketing with social media is going to be a key advertisement and a way to connect with customers and to build and improve brands. Let me pick up Instagram on social media for marketing.

In order to success marketing with Instagram, there are 3 key points. First of all, companies should post products and services. Boring pictures or with many characters are not appropriate on marketing. This principal is same as Twitter where many hash tags in a tweet is hated by people. For example, Starbucks manipulates Instagram very well effectively. Starbucks posts pictures of products and fashionable pictures. Avoiding risks which may lower the worth of brands should be also important strategy.starbucks[1]

Second, making events is good strategy because it can make engagements of target customers. As Elly stated in class skyping, “Social media is not just advertising, but a good relationship building”. Namely, getting followers on social media and building brands simply is not a goal which companies should aim. In the process of connecting with customers and through their engagements, companies can have followers and build brands. And this strategy enables companies to save money, actually it can be free. Furthermore, if more people engage into these kinds of events, more photos are going to be uploaded publicly through the events. This means, it causes to build interaction and involve more people in the event. In other words, one strategy generates another opportunity for marketing. It is absolutely effective, isn’t it?

Attaching promotion code is the last key in Instagram’s marketing. Marketing new products with discount or promotion code might be said one of the most attractive ways to let people know them. For example, Topshop conducted conspicuous strategy by using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and interact these social media together. Practically, Topshop hid a secret code for discount in the photo on Instagram and lead people to new shop.

In conclusion, same as twitter and snapchat, companies should think about no risk, attractive photos, campaign, and discount on marketing of Instagram. In recent society where social media have been generated and prospered rapidly, marketing on social media must be going to important to build brands, get customers, and earn money.

5/22/2014  Tomoki Ando


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