The New Way to View

Movie Trailers are something people love to watch before the movie they paid for starts. YouTube has changed that for the better. Movies are now able to show difference scene from their movies that may not aloud to be shown on the big screen. This gets the product out there while still keeping many of the mysteries in like the old days. Many superhero movies and comedies really use this to their advantage. People are now just as excited to see these trailers as they are for the movies. Teaser trailers also come up on YouTube now a couple of years in advance. This also brings up so much hype that many people on YouTube will sit around and talk about the 2 minutes trailers and all the crazy plots that could go on in the movie.

The movie Ted is on that I notice that used this to their advantage very well. This is a movie about a boy who makes a wish that his teddy bear could come alive. Then it jumps forward and shows what happen to these guys when they are an adult. The first trailer you see is the one that is suitable for all ages and is shown on TV and in some theaters.

The next trailer is the red band version. I am going to warn you now that this is a very vulgar trailer and i am sorry for how bad it is. This one uses more adult situation such as language and so on. From this trailer you get to see how much these two different approaches that are used would not be able to happen if it wasn’t for the use of YouTube

The way these companies use YouTube ti promote their movies is just amazing. People are now able to see different parts of movies as well as interviews that weren’t able to be seen before.These different trailers help people learn more about the movie and are also able to tell what the movie is more about than just the made for TV ones. Movies are now bigger than ever all thanks to they way they are able to use YouTube.



Mason Kotz



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