How can Twitter be a weapon?

We have talked in the MKTG199 about the influence of Twitter and how it is useful to make a good connections with important people in everyones’ fields. Also we learned how the 140 words or a picture people tweet from their accounts on twitter can be spread all around the world within seconds and that everything goes in media is hard to manage or hide it from people. For example, the inappropriate picture that US-Airways has tweeted through their official account on Twitter got a huge attention on social media and reflected a bad reputation on the company by its self. Therefore, Twitter is one the social media weapons that can be use to either help its users or it can harm them. Nowadays, twitter is becoming a tool not only for making connections and advertising but it is becoming a place for a freedom of speech and discussing political controversial topics. Twitter is becoming a concern for the corruption politicians around the world. A lot of people tweet their ideas and opinions about a political leader or people in high positions freely. In fact, Twitter has the feature where the users can create a hashtag about a certain topic and people tweet in that hashtag to get more attention to that topic. For example, Arab Spring is a movement that happened in some of the Middle Eastern government, which have been turned down by their citizens, has started from an image which has been published in social media of a Tunisian citizen burned himself when he got humiliated by the Tunisian police who took away his food cart which is the source of his income. After that, an image for him with the fire in his body has been published in twitter and Facebook that gets people attention and played in their emotions, which lead them to protest in the streets to turn the government down. After that other citizens in other middle eastern countries start to hashtag the issue and write about the corruption in their countries which leaded to taking down 4 governments in the region. Commonly, when any political leader or a known person does something wrong, there is nothing can be hidden because people hashtag him or her right away. Therefore, Twitter is overcoming the news channels in the speed of sending the news to public. The news in Twitter get published in the moment when the story occur. Twitter is one of the social media weapons that can either beneficial or harmful.

Abdulrhman Aljaafari


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