Tesla Motors’ unique marketing.

Most businesses work hard to compete with each other, always coming out with a deal to undercut the competitor. But not Telsa Motors, the all electric car company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The company focuses less on traditional sales techniques and selling through car dealerships, which has brought them many legal issues, and more on educating the consumer before the consumer makes their decision. Tesla pitches their cars like any other company, but in an educational manner with real statistics. Tesla does a fine job online also, keeping fanatics up to date on the new developments and achievements of the emerging company and by keeping a conversation going on twitter with frequent replies. Even though this company is still very new, Tesla has experienced some accusations about the safety of their cars. Instead of trying to blame someone else like many companies seem to do, they took responsibility and swiftly contacted all of their customers with offers of a free fitting of the new part. By rolling with the punches and handling a situation so smoothly, even if they weren’t at fault, they actually came out with better reviews and more customers and trust. ¬†Tesla has also been using the nation wide struggle with car dealership laws as a way of gaining awareness and in many cases, gaining followers. With this state by state battle, and the eco-friendly as well as pocket friendly statistics coming in, many people are starting to recognize Tesla as a company that stands for what it believes in, and steadily tries to change the nation as we know it. I think that a lot of companies could learn a lot of great PR and marketing skills from Tesla Motors.



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