Does LinkedIn really keep you linked in?

Almost every student and professional knows what LinkedIn is and most likely has one. I on the other hand had never heard of it until attending University of Oregon, even then I still had no idea what this website was. It wasn’t until my mktg199 class that I really found out how beneficial it can be for a student looking for a job or internship or for a professional looking for more opportunities in the business world or even for a better position. The more that I heard about it-the more appealing it seemed. I’ve heard from several people that it has given them countless opportunities and even is the reason for their last couple of jobs.

LinkedIn has been creating a tremendous amount of buzz in social media and in the business world for quite some time now. It’s a network of individuals searching for jobs, internships and other sorts of professional opportunities and it’s also for businesses that are looking for talented individuals. LinkedIn can help you build a large network of useful contacts and land you that job you’ve been waiting for. It gets your foot in the door in the professional world.

Not only is it great for people looking for jobs but it can be super helpful for businesses and mangers, if they are in need of someone fast and someone that fits their job description then LinkedIn is the answer. The site also allows them to easily view each profile and see their past work experience also while allowing them to see what qualities and skills they possess.

Seeing how much progress LinkedIn has already made and how successful it is, it can only be assumed that it will continue to grow and become a main source of jobs and other opportunities.  Maybe instead of looking in the papers or on online job-sites such as Monster, people will simply rely on LinkedIn for their job opportunities. The site is a great development and I am interested to see how big it gets over time.

Cyphers, Emily


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