Future of Social Media Marketing

Danci Miles –


What will the future of social networking look like? Will it become even more accessible, or even more complicated? What will the most popular sites be? Will Facebook survive in this future social networking world?

Everyone knows that social media is wildly popular and that its use continues to grow around the world. Social media represents one of the most powerful tools available to businesses to promote their marketing messages, and new online marketing techniques are being developed every day to drive engagement. In many environments, social media marketers are seeking to discover the next great technologies and methodologies that will determine the future of social media.

In today’s world, social media marketing is changing constantly. We never know what type of social marketing tool will be available to us tomorrow, so keep up with the knowledge of all social media tools. What may be popular and most widely used, could change tomorrow, or next week. Corporations and even small businesses will need to keep up with trending social media sites in order to gain recognition. This could mean implementing many different sites in a years time. Marketers are going to start to lean toward putting their focus primarily on social media sites, because what they paid attention to yesterday could be on an entirely new site tomorrow.

The future of career marketers will start to shift from traditional marketing to these new social media sites. With my current job working as an Executive of Marketing for a financial corporation I have seen my job shift positions in the last couple years. I spend much more time online updating Facebook, Twitter, and replying to clients via these sites. Each day I learn about new social media sites and sometimes have to decide which ones are most important to put the effort into. However, Facebook used to be the most important but in the last year has shifted to Twitter for our company due to clients shifting their preferred used sites.

Marketing changes every day – and us Marketers have to change too.




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