Professional Photographers in Instagram

As we learned in the last class, Instagram can be an efficient tool for marketing. Since Instagram is where people communicate and connect with others by posting and sharing their photos, a brand should post the creative and attractive photos in order to make its marketing successful. Then, there is a group of people who can be the most active in Instagram; professional photographers.

Instagram gives the new place that professional photographers can work and earn at the same time that it gives users the new place to enjoy connecting with others as originally purpose of social media. However, becoming the advertiser of a brand makes them not only get profits but also be taken their freedom to post. Julian Bialowas (@julianbialowas, 10,000 followers) who is a designer but has much fewer followers than other popular and famous photographers got the partnership with Levi’s and Ducati because of his camera skill and unique perspective. He claims that his sponsors make him go off his own and force him to use a hashtag. To be hired as an advertiser of a brand in Instagram can take away their originality and enjoyment.

On the other hand, Rebecca Finch (@bexfinch, 192,000 followers), a professional photographer who lives in Brooklyn, could be succeeded in finding the comfortable way for her both to work for a brand and to retain her creativity as professional photographer. She is the person who started to use the hashtag #fromwhereistand first. Instagram users usually use the hashtag with posting the photo in which there are their legs, feet, the ground and sometimes an object in one hand. Then she could engage with footwear companies naturally by finding the efficient use of her creative photographs for advertising.

Thus, Instagram gives professional photographers the new way to get another income by posting their photos with any hashtags or comments relating to a company. Although they should figure out the fitting brand for their creativity or originality of theirs, Instagram makes the place to use their skills expanding. Social media marketing can produce new business like such using photos of professional photographers by hiring them at Instagram.


– Haruka Asai



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