Twitter marketing

In this week, we manly learned about social networks to use in marketing.  Now people can use various kinds of social media sites to promote their company. Kris McDonald, who had a Skype in our class on Monday,  is also using some social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Each site can attach pictures, tags, comments, and advertisement in the page, and can be seen by a lot of people. Although there are many types of social media sites, Twitter is likely to be considered as the best and easiest way for marketers.

Firstly, marketers can track real time conversation on Twitter because people can easily gather on the site. If people would not try to find someone who can have conversation, people are easily found and having conversation at the time.  By tracking such conversation in real time, marketers can know about consumers immediately. Not only just tracking the conversation, but also marketers can directly participate in the conversation on Twitter. People can talk with each other or send messages that are not seen by other people. Attaching hush tags are also the key to find a conversation that relates to the company or what the company wants to know. And most importantly, Twitter (and also other micro blogging) can have followers in a large number. People might ignore tweets if they are depressing, but in most cases, they can see the tweet and notice it. Thus, it is important to use Twitter appropriately because how the marketers use it affects the brand image.

As seen above, Twitter is an immediate communication tool that consumers and marketers can interact effectively. How effectively make use of Twitter has influences on the success of marketing. Therefore, social media marketing strategies of each company seem to be competitive and no longer be free, Kris said in our Skype. That was surprising for me and interesting.



Haruka Ohtsu

MKTG 199


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