The Death of a Social Media Site


When was the last time you visited your myspace page? How about Friendster or MyYearbook?

For most of us we have no clue as to the last time we were on these social media sites, if ever, yet in the past they were visited by many people on a daily basis. How can this change from popular to obsolete occur so drastically in such a short period of time? The broad answer is that question is that all of those past social media sites have ‘died.’ Figuratively of course. In reality anyone can still go onto their old Myspace page, but it might be a little lonely. You could even call these sites “online ghost towns,” as done in the clever picture below…


According to Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach, Myspace reached its 100 millionth account in 2006. With such a large user base how did this site collapse? And where did everyone go?! The answers to all of these questions come down to the fact that social media is an ever-changing and ever-evolving creature. It just takes one new intriguing site for other social networks to lose their entire user base. From the moment that Facebook was born websites like Myspace and Friendster began to stare down their demise. Facebook became the beast the swallowed up all of the users on other social media sites and without those users each site began to die. This is precisely how a thriving social media network can dry up and disappear. All it takes is the introduction of a new and better social site for past networks to collapse. Friendster was overcome by Myspace, Myspace was overcome by Facebook, and Facebook could be over taken any day now by a new, growing social media site that none of us have even heard of yet. This cycle is never ending and will continue to be one of the most intriguing parts of social media because there is always another up and coming site breaking the surface of our lives. 

Below is the link to a terrific article that also covers this topic of dying social media sites. Written by’s CEO, David Wallace, this article provides a broad look at the ten biggest social media ‘deaths’ of all time. The best part is that Wallace directly explains why each site failed and how they could have better met consumer needs. I definitely recommend taking a look!

The death of social media sites is happening all the time, even though it often occurs slowly over a period of time. This is what keeps the world of social media in constant change and I guarantee that’s not going to stop any time soon. At the moment it may seem impossible, but one day it could be Facebook that we’re seeing on a tombstone…


-Leanne Harloff


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