Katie O’Brien


Today, our lives are dominated by social media.  These platforms have given us the ability to connect with others on a whole new level.  They have also given companies a whole new way to advertise and connect to their target audiences.  All social media platforms used by companies are all used with the purpose to further promote their brand.  However, Twitter is unique in the way that these brands can now connect to customers and potential customers directly. Twitter has made it possible for our favorite brands to reach out to individual customers, thus making the customer more confident about their feelings about the brand.  Before social media, it would be nearly impossible to form that connection from a brand to individual people.  Brands are now realizing how much these responses have an effect on consumers and how the brand is portrayed by the customers.  Companies and social media marketers are now using campaigns that respond to tweets about their brand to portray them as caring about what these consumers have to say about their product.    

For example, about a week ago, I purchased two boxes of my favorite protein bars and was very excited about my purchase.  After I got home I took a picture of the boxes and then tweeted about it, tagging the company Quest Nutrition.  Right away they retweeted me and I then recieved close to a hundred favorites from other fellow quest bar fans.  I was ecstatic about the other fans tweeting at me and explaining that they bought the same bars.  Not only was I happy about my purchase, but I was able to feel like I was a part of something big just by being retweeted by the company.  

As we can see, this is just one example of how much connecting to fans via twitter can promote a brand positively by making the customer feel reached out to, or “twitterphoric,” the feeling of excitement from ones expieriences while on twitter. 



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