Know Your Audience!!!

Alex Dobson

Knowing your target market and how to appeal to them is one of the most important factors about being able to sell a product. Marketing to the right group, family member, age, demographic can mean the difference between running a hugely successful marketing campaign. The Old Spice company, partnered with Wieden and Kennedy found this a few years ago when they made one of the most popular ad campaigns in marketing history. The advertisement starred a retired NFL player, with a nice body and a deep voice.  The marketers on the Wieden and Kennedy team realized that he was the perfect man to appeal to both men and women. Women, they found are the main shoppers of the family, even when it comes to their husbands shower products. 

Old Spice wanted to appeal to a younger market as they were seen as a brand that was used by older men and “grand fathers.” They were quickly losing sales to competitors like Axe and even companies like Dove body wash, since the women of the house were making the purchasing decisions. To do this they came up with a very witty and quick moving script topped off with a good looking guy. It was an instant success, even surpassing in popularity ads that were aired during the super bowl. The randomness and appealing setting of the commercial only enhance the viewers experience. After a few weeks the advertisement was viewed 40 million times, an unheard of amount for a commercial aired on You Tube. With this new found popularity, the marketing team quickly started work on a second commercial. Adding to the exposure were people all over the world making their own spin offs of the commercial. This is an advertisement that will go down as one of the greatest in marketing history and will not be easily out done. It appeals to every age, race and family member. It is truly something that the whole family can get behind and enjoy. On top of that the product itself smells amazing. I myself have always been an Old Spice fan and these ads just add to my love for the company. With a title like, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” how could you go wrong?


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