Is Twitter changing for the good or the bad?

Brianne Cieloha


On April 22, 2014 Twitter launched a new interface that is very different then the one they previously were using. To me it’s like they just turned Twitter into Facebook with small conversations. I took a screen shot of what my profile will look like if I turn on the new interface.Screen shot 2014-05-07 at 9.03.39 AM Does this new interface resemble Facebooks?

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 2.08.09 PM

Twitter is being respectful to its users by not automatically changing their users’ profiles to the new look, but allowing them to try it out and see if they like it. The interface is very similar to Facebook because they have now made the profile photo and the headers extremely larger than it was before. They have also made a little strip of links under header that’s longer and in a more similar Facebook format. Even though the format is similar to Facebook I think it was smart to change Twitter to a new interface. This new look seems easier to work with. Mostly all generations use Facebook and by changing Twitter to resemble Facebook it will make it easier to welcome new users because they will be more familiar with the new look and more apt to use it. One thing Twitter should not have changed is the follower/following list. It looks like a board on Pinterest. I like having list to scroll through.. Although this new format does allow you to see more information about your followers/following, I’m better off without this new information. Twitter’s new format gives you a lot more white space. I thought it was fine before but this just makes it easier for new users to not feel overwhelmed by all the new and interesting things happening in front of their faces. Honestly I only use Twitter on my phone and Twitter’s new look has not reached my iPhone yet so if the interface is overly annoying I just switch to looking at my friends’ lives on my phone and all of my Twitter problems can be solved.



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