Can Social Media Help You Become a Champion?


Preston Pilcher

MKTG 199

There is no escaping social media in today’s society. Cell phones have practically become an extension of our body. Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is look at my phone and check out what’s going on on Snapchap, Instagram and Twitter. I am literally looking at my phone constantly so I don’t miss out on anything going on in the world. Sports are a huge part of my life so it has been great to see playoff basketball and other NBA news all over my news feeds. In particular, the most recent NBA story going around social media is Kevin Durant winning the 2013-14 MVP Award.

Kevin Durant’s brilliant MVP speech was not only emotional but extremely inspirational. Durant gave thanks to everyone who helped him get to where he is now. He gave a very special thanks to to his mom, who he later said was the real MVP. One of my favorite quotes from his speech was “when you got people behind you, you can do whatever.” After Durant said this I then wondered how social media’s reaction to his speech would influence the rest of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s season.  

 Sports Center stated that this could have been the greatest MVP speech of all time and I think that most of social media seems to agree with that. Can all of the positive reactions and support on social media help take the Thunder to the championship? I think can and will. Winning the MVP is a huge accomplishment that can help carry your team to the finals. Not only does it motivate your team to get behind the MVP and finish what they started, but by winning the MVP the Oklahoma City Thunder have found a whole new level of support through social media. I did not even watch Durant’s speech live but I heard so much positive feedback about it through Facebook and Twitter that I had to check it out. This word of mouth advertising for Durant and the rest of the Thunder team is flowing all over social media and the team is now constantly receiving support throughout the playoffs.

Durant’s positive support through social media has got people talking about Durant as an inspiration to those who have a dream they wish to accomplish. Like Durant said in his speech, “when you got people behind you, you can do whatever”. I truly believe that the positive buzz around Kevin Durant has now got most of the nation behind him. Durant is going to ride all this positive support to the NBA finals and win a championship this year.  


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