Less organic, more money powered posts.

Jeff Bullas, ranked by Forbes as a top social media “power influencer”, recently posted a blog on “ Why you should forget Facebook”. His blog discusses the decline in reach for “organic posts” for marketers and Facebook users. We discussed as a class our favorite platforms and how we use them. We noticed a general decline in use and interest in Facebook compared to Twitter and Instagram. Facebook is still dominant with 1.28 billion users.

Facebook has invested heavily into creating a very accessible insights panel to create ads and promote pages and posts. This makes targeting a specific audience that will see your post easier. I created an add. My target for the add is people within 50 miles of Eugene that have interests in: Parcheesi, lightening or Bananas. My potential is 7,600 people.Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 9.55.55 PMI chose a bizarre collection of interests to show how much Facebook knows about its users.


Facebook has squeezed advertisers to pay more for fewer views by significantly reducing what shows up on your newsfeed. Jeff points out that Beyoncé chose Instagram over Facebook to break news of her album even though she had “60 million fans on Facebook and only 8 million Instagram followers”. Other platforms allow for greater organic reach. For now I prefer time based newsfeed experience over Facebook’s newsfeed. @ZachGripenstraw


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