Instagram: The New Frontier

In being a marketing class there has been a significant amount of discussion revolving around the distribution of a message. We have discussed how every company competes to ensure that their message resonates with its target audience resulting in the companies desired action, and with this companies and corporations are obviously fighting the never-ending war of discovering an edge.  As discussed in, class opportunities to gain the advantage over competitors has come in many different forms, some greater than others, but perhaps the latest greatest and least exploited opportunity has come in the form of Instagram.

Instagram has rapidly risen to popularity by offering a platform compatible for all generations and a message that is equally as lovable as it opportunistic for marketers: capturing a moment and sharing it with others. Instagram has simply revolutionized the photo stream industry and created a unique task for marketers almost simultaneously. As pointed out in an article by Kimberlee Morrison on the website Social Times,  “with the announcement that the network broke 200 million users, Instagram’s growth may just represent a new advertising frontier.”  As also pointed out in the article, with growth in other social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter slowing from their previously rapid growth, Instagram is worth companies attention but more importantly their money.

Another perk is that the potential advantage being offered isn’t limited to large corporations, instead small companies have the unique ability to showcase their product in a far more personal way then has been previously offered. Instead of complicated, costly ad campaigns that typically put a small business owner at risk, Instagram only requires a smartphone and a sense of creativity.

With the world of marketing being an ever evolving one Instagram will soon be at the forefront.  It will be extremely interesting to see how the social media sight is incorporated into companies marketing plans and how much time and money is invested.

Cooper Collins – MKTG 199



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