Buy Your Fame.

If you don’t have a lot of followers on Twitter or Instagram are you really doing it right? If you don’t get 11+ likes on Instagram are you cool enough to use the app? Is your content good enough for people to like? Today on social media it seems to be all about the like and nothing else.

To get one’s name out in social media requires a large following. Most people on social media today will post for one thing, the likes, the favorites, or the retweets. A lot of accounts that are popular have people that market themselves really well. Their lives are interesting and worth a follow, or they are just celebrities. The two biggest social media outlets for 2013 according to are Twitter and Instagram. With a growing crowd wanting to be famous and gain a lot of likes, a new market has emerged. One can now buy social media fame.

Someone found out a way to work the Instagram and Twitter system to make money by selling people followers. Shockingly enough, there are ways to purchase likes, followers, retweets, and favorites. Two sites that I have found where these things can be purchased, offer a service where you pay REAL money for fake fame. It shocks me to see that people are this desperate to buy these services. The price for these services range from $2.97 to $130. Why must one need to have a substantial amount of interaction in order to feel like they are social media worthy. These sites are even marketing themselves in such a way that it seems acceptable and fine to buy fake fame.

Marketing oneself is no easy task. It takes time, it takes effort. If one actually takes the time to market themselves, their followers will actually be real and engaging, rather than just a computer with a program doing a command. Real engagement provides feedback on one’s social media. It also feels much better that people follow for one’s content, and what one provides rather than because of a fee. So don’t buy followers, learn how to post, and earn ’em.

Thien Vo

MKTG 199


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