Russia, and their war on Social Media (MKTG 199)

With Russia’s conflict with Ukraine has intensified, and as the Russian military has pushed into Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin has began to tighten the grip on Russia’s independent voices. Throughout the controversy that is surrounding Vladimir Putin and the Russian attempted annexation of Crimea, the people of Russia have taken to social media to express their opinions, to the dismay of the Russian government.

The article posted above discusses the next level of Putin’s crackdown on independent voices. This past Monday, Pavel Durov, the founder of Russia’s largest social media company was fired and replaced by a Putin supporter. According to the article, social media companies have also reported that the Russian government has requested info collection for their users. These steps could possibly lead to the act of government spying on social media users

The Kremlin has been trying to crack down on unmonitored social media use for months now, as editors of independent newspapers have been replaced and sites have been shut down. Go to the webpage of Alexey Navalny, one of Russia’s leading bloggers, and this is what you will find….

With the incredible emergence of social media as a form of expression, nation’s with strict policies on speech and opinion have not adapted well. Spying on citizens, shutdown of websites, and even imprisonment have been consequences of social media use in certain nations.

Social media is not going anywhere. The outlets to express opinions is rapidly expanding, and these sites are becoming increasingly popular. Nations and governments who have shown opposition to social media are now being seen in an incredibly negative light around the globe.

With the increased use of social media, people are finding more and more ways to express their opinions, which has been met with opposition by some conservative governments. These platforms for expression are not going anywhere, and the Russian government is only creating bad press by fighting against it.


Chris Jones- MKTG 199

Twitter: @Chrisjones_UO


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