Put a Pin in it…

Today social media is very focused on the immediate visual picture. Many social media sites have started using fewer words and more pictures to keep their audience’s attention and keep them interested. The number one website for pictures from around the web is Pinterest, so naturally they have been gaining popularity. I started Pinterest a few years ago when it was just a place to store pictures and visual bookmarks from around the web. Today it is a search engine, a helpful online shopping tool, and a social media marketing platform.

For those who don’t know what Pinterest is, here is a helpful video:

When consumers search for something on google, they don’t want to have to read through five different options to find the one they want, that takes too much time and is too much work when they could just get the immediate understanding from a picture. This is what Pinterest does. You can search recipes, clothing, or any type of product, and find exactly what you are looking for by actually seeing what you want. Just this last week Pinterest has added a new feature to the way you can search on Pinterest called “Guided Search.” Here is a video to better understand how it actually works.

Companies such as Cosmo have found a way to utilize Pinterest by creating their own account and creating pins that lead viewers right to their online Cosmo website. They can get the exact information about the article from visual image and decide that they want to do further reading. It is so easy and so simple to get the basics of what you want and what you are looking for with this social media outlet. Another company that has been successful on Pinterest is Sephora, this company has been able to become successful not just because they are posting pins of their products, but because they have created other boards that are not directly related to the company that make you feel like you can better connect with the company as a whole. Sephora does this by posting makeup and hair tutorials that are helpful to many viewers, they also help demonstrate how many of their products work and how they can be used. This brings in more customers and therefore more revenue for that business.

Online shopping has expanded what Pinterest is in many ways. This last Christmas they created a limited time special search option for Christmas gifts where they organized gift pins into specific boards of people you needed to get a present for. Pinterest is doing the work for you by showcasing your company, and letting the consumer spread the word about your product. Many people are using Pinterest more and more as a way to online shop. If you are a company selling a product, service, or lifestyle it is important to be on Pinterest so consumers can conveniently find you, and spread the word about your company.

I think we will be seeing another huge leap on Pinterest with more and more businesses getting directly involved. Pinterest has only been around for about three and a half years so there is much more to learn about the social media platform and how to use it to enhance your business.

This is a video i found of how some people have been successful marketing their business on Pinterest:


By: Hannah Peterson




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