How did a 20-year-old girl win 3.1 million fans on Instagram?

We all have taken selfie. Like this!


But what about a “BUTT” selfie? The new fitness star of 2014, Jen Selter, a 20-year-old girl, becomes famous by taking her butt selfie on Instagram. Now, she has more than 3 million fans on Instagram. Is it just that easy to have 3 million fans by taking butt selfie? Let’s talk about how she did it!

Jen Selter has 3.1 million fans on Instagram, 1.1 million likes on Facebook fan page and 490K followers on twitter. She’s only 20-year-old, and it’s about the same age as all of us do. Yet she’s the new fitness star on social media. All social media, beauty and fitness magazine are gossiping about her success. Nonetheless, all of these contributes to her #hardwork #workout #traindirty and #eatclean.

Someone might say “Why take a selfie at the gym? It’s soooooo weird”

However, it’s not just a selfie for Jen’s fans, Jen Selter is the #inspiration and #motivation for all girls and the #dreamgirl for some guys instead. She might not be perfect, but she shows us the best part of herself. #Consistency is the key, and  #Do-your-best every time. Do you workout everyday and do it 110% every time? Do you push yourself hard enough that you’re burning the fat instead of just burning the time. Or just think about how hard it is to get off the coach.

“Either you run the day or the day runs you”, said Jen Selter. If you haven’t started yet, it is OKAY. “It’s never too late to start a new beginning.”

Jen Selter updated her Facebook page and have conversation with her fans on Twitter. She is happy to answer questions on twitter and see the progress of her fans who are inspired by her workout. “Jen Selter” becomes a new tag of #inspiration and  #motivation.

Now, Jen Selter does photos shoots for fitness magazines. What’s more? She recently starts cooperating with some fitness brand for fitness outfits, fitness gears and fitness supplements. Jen Selter stands for a success of social media. Social media not only helps Jen Selter markets herself, but also bring her expected bright future. Where else can social media lead Jen Selter to? Hang on, and we’ll see.


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