Start Your Own Podcast


By: Ian Watson

April 24, 2014

Podcasting is a great way to target a very specific audience that you may not know exists. I have been listening to podcasts for awhile now and am continually amazed by the sheer amount of unique shows that are produced every week. The podcasts I regularly listen to include The Vergecast, The Autoblog Podcast, The Smoking Tire Podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, and We Have Communicators, all of which feature international guests. Perhaps the best part of a podcast is the ownership the hosts have over the show. Radio shows are under the umbrella of the station and therefore must adhere to the station’s universal rules. Podcasts are funded and produced by their hosts and therefore the finished product is exactly what the host wants it to be. Following the evolution of the hosts and the growth of their brands is very entertaining in itself. I have been listening to We Have Communicators for about 5 years now. The show is about recent iPhone news and the hosts are computer programmers and only a few years older than me. Listening to them through the years has inspired me to do two things, study computer science and start my own podcast.

With a modern laptop and an internet connection, podcasts can be started for free. After some research I’ve learned that by using Skype and Garageband on my Mac, I can record my Skype calls and can therefore host a podcast with guests worldwide.

Setting up the podcast is a two step process. The first is connecting Skype to Garageband, recording, and editing the audio, here is a how-to: Next is getting the podcast from Garageband to the iTunes Music Store,

Once the podcast is on the iTunes store, sharing is very easy and can be done through the existing Social Media channels that we use. Many podcasts I’ve listened to will have their own brand that may have its own Twitter or Facebook page.

I plan on setting up my podcast soon!


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