Learning from the Best

Amanda Cardy


           Social Media is continually consuming our social lives. This is no secret to most. Many people took notice of the rise of social media, people like Zach Wright and Whitney Kelly to name a few. They decided to take advantage of what options were presented from this new form of communication. Both Zach and Whitney chose to make careers out of social media, and recently shared with our Marketing 199 class what they believe to be the fundamentals of social media marketing. They each spoke about different aspects of social media, which made listening to two different takes on the same topic very interesting. Although they each touched on both subjects, Zach stressed more about what was important when trying to get into the field of social media marketing, while Whitney explained more about what was critical when representing a brand via social media.

            Whitney, who works for Hyatt Hotels, came across as a very friendly but also serious social media marketer. She discussed the 5 key initiatives that her and her social marketing team strive for. They are to 1) Drive Brand Awareness, 2) Promote Loyalty, 3) Increase Guest Satisfaction, 4) Enable Employee Engagement, and 5) Increase Direct Revenue through Social Media. Although these goals are tailored for the hospitality business, they are not a bad platform to start from and to change in order to fit for a different type of business. One small thing she added quickly that really stuck out was when she mentioned that it is important for a company to match how much online or social media marketing it is doing with as much print marketing as well. No one had really spoken about print marketing much since we focus on social media so that was an interesting tip that I hadn’t heard yet.

All of Zach’s advice was very useful but there were certain things that stuck out to me when he was speaking. He really emphasized on how important not only keeping your social media sites “clean” is, but also on how necessary it is to keep a detailed and thorough LinkedIn account. Another piece of useful advice from Zach was how valuable making connections is. He advised to connect with people that have similar interests and the connections will just come naturally.

Both Zach and Whitney can attest to the huge role that social media plays in our everyday lives. You can feel free to check out the video below to put into perspective just how big the social media market is!




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