@FOMOmedia On The Verge

FOMO Media

By: Matt Rogers

Date: April 24th, 2014

The #FOMO got real today in social media marketing 199. What does FOMO mean? It stands for the “Fear Of Missing Out.” What this talented group of college grads are attempting to accomplish (as stated on their website) is:

Developing an app for smartphones in which create custom experiences that educate, entertain and turn event attendees into brand advocates.

They do their editing on-site and design videos to inspire organic interactions over social media.

I found it intriguing that they assert brand voices with constant social media engagement during events.

They’ve been at venues such as “Snowball” in Denver, Colorado to “Electric Forest” in Rothbury, Michigan. I find what this group of people are trying to do is groundbreaking and can play a major role in the application (mobile app) world for both iOS and Android devices. The fact that they work with events and their sponsors to deliver specific targeted content that encourages participation both on and offline is a great approach to something new and useful, especially in the world of marketing. Being an attendee at concerts such as Paradiso at the Gorge, Washington and the Kaleidoscope music festival which occurred in Eugene, Oregon last summer helps me further understand FOMOmedia’s approach to reaching the specific target market and engaging with them over mobile devices as well as face to face in person to earn certain incentives at say a concert, outdoor event, or music festival. This idea absolutely rocks! And with smart phones and tablet devices touching  nearly every age demographic out there, and the exponential growth of the entire world now using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Tinder, LinkedIn and many more, this idea couldn’t be a better incentive for people such as you and me to get into, participate with, and engage in. I’m excited to see what the future holds for @FOMOmedia and how their vision will reach others.

*Here is a list of FOMOmedia’s current partners:


*Also listed below is a few video’s put together by FOMOmedia and posted on Youtube:


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