Marcus Kosloff 4/20 post

This week in class we had two guest speakers come in and talk to us. One of which worked for Razorfish, Zach Wright and Whitney Kelly who works as social Strategy manager of Hyatt Hotels. Both professionals talked about target audience and how that works through social media. Better know as the Rules of Engagement stated in our textbooks. In addition to covering these things we also went on to talk abut making ethical decisions through various facets of social media in addition to covering credibility and honesty.

A major point that was brought up in our Skype call with Whitney was creating an identity of your brand through social media. She gave us a personal example from her past work with Sharpie. While working with sharpie Whitney needed to create a persona as described from our textbook. Her persona was that of a teenage girl. She used this persona to further the brand and to also engage their target market/intended demographic. This example perfectly illustrates, and gives a real world example of the fourth rule in The Rules of Engagement expressed in our books. The forth rule states “ Have personality”.

While Skyping in with both guests it was very clear that they had a strong passion for their work but also had a great deal of experience working with social media. In both interviews the question of how you gain experience through social media marketing when social media is evolving faster then it has before. Zach Wright answered this question by saying that there are various different apps to track social media trends but he also explained that despite whatever outlet you chose there is one rule. Know how to use the outlet to help benefit you. This was interesting because it was a combination of both rules number one and eight in our textbooks. These rules are important because without knowledge of your social media tool you won’t benefit from using it. Simply, social media profiles are not created equally. Whitney also suggested several different ways to gain experience. Her best advice was to start blogging or working, under a companies social media department.


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