Week 3: MKTG199

Friday, April 18th, 2014

By: Sophie Senarath


This week in MKTG199, our class had the pleasure of having two guest speakers. The first was Zach Wright of Razorfish. Zach was extremely informative about his past job experiences and his current position as a Social Media Strategist. Zach talked a lot about brand voice and focusing on who the audience is. Our text also references this idea in our assigned reading for this week. The passive strategy in Social Media Marketing focuses on searching, listening and responding. This tactic is a great way for a brand to get started on social media. Being familiar with your target audience and interacting with them in the same way they interact with the company can really help make a connection between the two. Hearing Zach talk about how he applies concepts like this one cited in the text in his real life job really helped me understand the concept better. He also talked about using platforms differently and the importance in knowing the size of the platform being used. Chapter four also notes this idea in it’s Rules of Engagement. Rule #1 says to “use social media channels as intended.” Different channels allow for different kinds of interaction and knowing which platform is effective for the message being sent is crucial in the marketing world. I really enjoyed hearing Zach speak about his passion for Social Media Marketing and am grateful we had to the chance to interact with him. Whitney Kelly, Social Strategy Manager of Hyatt Hotels was our second guest speaker of the week. Our class had a Skype conversation with Whitney on Wednesday and her relatability and explanation of Social Media Marketing concepts was clear and very easy to understand. Whitney went over Hyatt’s marketing goals and explained how they were executed on social media. She talked about the outside resources her brand uses to fulfill their goals and importance of sticking to brand voices. Whitney, too, highlighted concepts in the text such as Rule #7 of Social Media Engagement, “Have a Personality.” She explained her past experience at Sharpie and how the company had success taking on the persona of a teenage girl on their social media channels. Both Whitney and Zach’s energy and enthusiam for social media was inspiring and I can’t wait to see what guest speakers our class has lined up next!


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