The Rise of the Vlog

Author: Collin Smith

Date: April 17th, 2014

Chapter five in our textbook, Social Media Marketing, A Strategic Approach by Baker and Baker, focuses on publishing blogs. The chapter defined the term blog, highlighted the benefits of publishing one and provided tips for succeeding the world of blogging. The chapter primarily focuses on written blogs but as we have learned in class, social media is constantly changing and evolving. One major change in the world of blogging is the emergence of “vlogging” or video blogging. Wikipedia defines a video log as a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television.

Vlogs have been made possible through two majors breakthroughs. The first is a technological emergence in terms of the accessibility of cameras. Laptops, phones, tablets and other technological devices are now usually equipped with high-resolution cameras. The accessibility to these devices makes it easy for users to create a vlog in essentially any location. The second is the emergence of social media platforms for posting and sharing vlogs. YouTube is one of the major social media platforms for posting vlogs with their vlog category being one of the most popular sections of the website. Other social media platforms that enable vloggers include Vimeo, Keek, and Instagram. On may even argue that Snapchat’s “My Story” could be considered a one-time view vlog!

The tips for successful blogging are applicable for vlogging as well. One of the tips, keep posts focused, is very important to highlight when creating a vlog. We are more susceptible to rambling when we are talking as opposed to writing and that must be avoided when posting a vlog. It is imperative to keep posts to the point and informative. One of’s tips for vlogging suggests to write a script, which ensures that you cover all of the important points in your video (

Millions of people are creating and posting new vlogs every single day. Subjects range from the hottest fashions to what food to eat. Even certain individuals, such as the vlogbrothers, make a career out of vlogging! Check out the vlogbrothers video below for an example of a successful vlog. The biggest take away from this post should be that anyone can be successful at creating vlogs. Vlogging is a fun and unique way to make you standout through social media, on the internet or even to an employer. Just find a topic you’re passionate about, grab a recording device and start posting content online.

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