Our Twitter management was split up over two days for the movie Craigslist Joe. Throughout the movie our group, the Snapchat group hashtagged #May28SMM after our many tweets to engage the class in the movie. We asked people about their thoughts on Joe’s mission and if they would ever do such a thing. We didnt get many replies, but most people claimed they would not go on such a strange journey. Prior to watching Craigslist Joe we posted some information about the movie and it’s trailer to give the class an idea of what the movie was about. People in the class found the movie to be interesting and very relevant to our class. The fact that social media can keep people alive just through contacting others for help seemed to be a common topic on twitter that day. It was very interesting to interact with the class and see how they felt about the movie, all through engaging on twitter. 

-Snapchat Group


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